So who only gets waxed before going on holiday?

#Waxing is definitely the best way to stay #hair free for longer so is the ideal #hair #removal option to remain fuzz free during your #holiday.

But, did you know, that to get the best results from your wax, you need to be planning ahead!

It takes around 3 waxing sessions (approximately 4 weeks apart) to get best results.

The reason for this is you have THOUSANDS of individual hairs on any area of your #body. If you are not a regular waxer, each of these little hairs will be at different #growth #stages at your first appointment.

So, although waxing removes the hairs by the #root, there will be lots of hairs that are just too short to be waxed or may still be under the skin, just waiting to pop through in the next few days.

However, the benefit of regular waxing means that, over time, the hair growth cycle becomes syncronised, with all the hairs being at the same stage.

This means they all grow in together and get removed together. Once a hair is removed by the root, it will be a few weeks before a new hair is formed and starts to appear.

This is what you want for your pre holiday wax! Hair free skin that will remain hair free for longer than your holiday. No horrible shaving stubble either!

So if you are thinking of getting a #holiday #wax, get your #diary out and start #planning your waxing schedule to ensure the longest lasting results possible.

We can #wax almost any part of your #body from #head to #toe so why not# book your #appointment today by calling us on 020 8337 4001, emailing us at or booking online at

Happy waxing.....Sadiah x

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