Looking after your eyes during winter

Are you #suffering more with #lines around your #eyes this #winter? I certainly am! It is more than likely that they are #dehydration lines. The #cold, #wind, #heating and #alcohol zaps the #skin of your natural #hyaluronic #acid which dehydrates your skin resulting in lines.

Now, the good news is that you can help to #reduce the lines by super charging the skin around the eyes with a #cream and a #gentle #massage daily. But if you don’t, the dehydration lines will become #permanent as dehydration makes the #collagen and #elastin #fibres #weaken speeding up the ageing process!

The skin around the eyes is a tenth of the thickness compared to the rest of the skin on the #face. Therefore if you use a normal face cream it is too thick which creates hard pockets of moisture, puffiness and redness.

Your eyes are constantly working hard with up to 15,000 blinks per day. So choose an eye cream that #targets your number one priorities dehydration, lines and #wrinkles, #dark #circles, #puffiness and #brightness.

Here are my #top #four #tips to help improve the skin around the eyes :-

1) Make sure you get enough #sleep you need at least 8 hours per day. Sleep helps reenergise your skin and makes you look more fresh faced.

2) Don't use a face cream around the eye area. The skin around your eyes is very delicate and a normal face cream is too think for this area so use a cream designed for use specifically around the eye area.

3) Good old #cucumber slices, yes that is right get down your supermarkets and buy some cucumber. Next time you are in the bath place some slices over your eyes and relax, the cooling effect of the cucumber helps to rejuvenate the eye area and reduce puffiness.

4) #Massage your eye area, this helps with circulation. Make sure you massage gently around the eye area and up into the brow. You can do this whilst applying your eye cream, a minute a day will do wonders.

Treat your delicate eye area with only the best as you deserve it.


Sadiah x

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