Beauty Therapist of the Year Gold Award Winner

On Sunday 23rd June the #British #Hair and #Beauty #Awards 2019 took place, there was no fancy ceremony to get all glammed up for (I saved a fortune no new dress, hair or makeup needed) this time it was all done online. I had never attended an online ceremony before, it was definitely different. I watched it all from the comfort of my sofa on my ipad with a drink at hand in case of a #win and to #celebrate #everyones #success.

A few of my #friends in the #industry were also #finalists (based up and down the country) and we had a whats app chat throughout the ceremony #celebrating as each #category #winners were announced. It was such a fun evening and like being at an actual ceremony, we created our #own #party.

I had made it as a #finalist in the #category #Beauty #Therapist of the #Year. I was thrilled to have made it down to the final 8, this was one of the last categories to be announced and a biggy (all the big categories are normally announced towards the end of the awards ceremonies).

I waited patiently I was so nervous, and then this happened to my utter amazement I had #WON #first #place and the #gold #award for #Beauty #Therapist of the #Year.

Little old me had WON GOLD at The British Hair and Beauty Awards for Beauty Therapist of the Year. OMG I screamed I was in complete and utter shock (I think the kittens were a little alarmed).

This was a few weeks ago now and I still cannot believe it. I cannot thank you enough for all your continued support, custom and loyalty, helping me with surveys, leaving reviews and voting for me, this all means so much to me, I am so thrilled and can not wait to display my certificate with pride.

Love your award winner :-) Sadiah xx

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